Lots of popular mainstream items have what is called a minimum advertised price (MAP). It does include branded computers from IBM, HP, Compaq and Apple. Never enter your own Social Security Number online in any buyer survey form.  A particular online personal information questionnaire sometimes accompanies an online transaction.  Consumer's information which includes actual age, gender, local zip code, house-hold earnings, and so on. are used for advertising and marketing purposes and also to establish a shopper user profile. Never make any bids on a product up for bid in the event you do not desire the item for your own. You will remorse doing this in case not one person places any bids after you. Online crooks preferably like to aim for senior clients because they are easy to fool online unlike the younger clients. If you happen to know a senior citizen who actually orders online, take time to make them aware of the hazards and ripoffs involved with online shopping. When shopping for goods online via an international country for your personal use, it is strongly recommended to verify with your vendor whether you will still have to pay any kind of taxes in addition to the retail price and shipping fees of the item.  It is even great that you talk to the merchant the accurate customs document of the parcel. Customers need to learn that web outlets are ones who outsource order fulfillment. As a result, they never keep goods and they depend on distributors to dispatch their products. If you are transacting with independent retailers, make sure to check their reputation first before concluding any deals with these people. It is usually smart to know the standard cost of the product you want. If the retail price is too high, you may want to look for better deals. However, if ever the pricing is very low, the sale may just be too good to be real. When purchasing a product on the internet, only the information needed has to be demanded. If perhaps they are requesting a lot more information that is personal, there should be a clarification regarding the reasons why and exactly how it will probably be utilized.